The 2020 Prize, seventh year: "INCLUSION OF DISABILITY IN RAPHAEL'S WORLD" - Rules of the prize







in cooperation with the Accademia di Belle Arti, Urbino; Corso di Perfezionamento “Scuola del Libro”, Urbino; Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Urbino; ANFFAS Fermignano, Urbania, Urbino; York St John University;


with the sponsorship of the Urbino local authority, and of the Università degli Studi “Carlo Bo”, Urbino;

and with the support of the York Human Rights City Network, and of various institutions.







International Day of Persons with Disabilities






For the International Day of Persons with Disabilites, which the United Nations celebrate every year on 3 December, the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington-ODV proposes the prize giving event of the seventh year of the Prize in memory of Eleanor Worthington, for students of Art in tertiary education.


Eleanor Worthington (York, UK, 1982 – Urbino, Italy, 2008) suffered lifelong from a severe form of epilepsy and learning and behavioural difficulties, and spent her last five years immobile and confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak, and only expressing herself with her eyes and face. Beyond her disabilities, she was a person of high intelligence and sensibility, and with a great force of personality. She succeeded in having a life full of affection, social relations, and experiences, both in the UK and in Italy, where she attended all the years of the Istituto Statale d’Arte (now Liceo Artistico) in Urbino.

As the theme for this year’s Prize the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington-ODV proposes:

International Day of Persons with Disabilities.



Raphael’s world full of harmony, whether on canvas, on boards, cartoons for tapestries, or frescoes, describes a variety of subjects: sweet Madonnas, portraits, biblical and mythological scenes, where a great many characters are depicted, including several people with disabilities. Among them, as examples, Homer, the blind poet in the Parnassus; the old man carried on shoulders to escape the Borgo blaze in Rome; the lame person healed by the Apostles in the Jerusalem temple; the magician temporary blinded by the Apostles for the sake of astonishing and converting the Roman proconsul; the young epileptic boy then healed by Jesus Christ coming down from Mount Tabor.



These characters never appear alone, but are included in groups or crowds which shape or share their histories.


In the fifth centenary of Raphael’s death candidates are invited to explore the Prize theme INCLUSION OF DISABILITY IN RAPHAEL’S WORLD either by developing Raphael’s work, or with original ideas. All techniques are accepted (e.g. painting, sculpture, illustration, animation, graphic design, engraving, jewellery making, photography, textiles, design, lettering, and new technologies), also with reference to body expression like miming, sign language, sport disciplines, fitness and dance.




Entry to the Prize is free. Students intending to take part in the Prize must declare their intention to do so with an email to where they must specify which Institution they are enrolled in, and at which year.


Entries must be submitted by 15 November 2020.


All files should be compressed, for instance .zip or .rar

All entries should be submitted in digital form only, by WE TRANSFER, to


All submitted works must have a title, which may coincide with the Prize title. They can also be accompanied by a short statement of their “concept” (max 400 characters, spaces included, for the purpose of appearing on the web site of the Prize). All concepts must be in .doc or .docx 

All submitted works must be accompanied by a short audio describing them, for the sake of making them accessible to blind people, lasting no more than two minutes. The audio should be either in English or in Italian.

All images must be in .jpg (not .pdf); they must be at a high printing resolution (min. 300DP), for the purpose of appearance in the exhibition, where they would most likely be printed as cm 70x100.


Films and animations must last at most 3 minutes, format MP4, compression H264i 

Two versions are needed for all works submitted, one with the name of the entrant(s) (for the exhibition and for the web site), and an anonymous one, to be submitted to the panel of judges.

The panel of judges will have access only to the digital form for all submitted works.


All submitted works are evaluated anonymously.

Evaluation of the works will be carried out by a panel of judges, on the basis of the following four criteria:


 Relevance to the theme

 Communicative effectiveness


 Overall impression.


The panel of judges is composed of:


Bruno Bartoccini, ANFFAS Fermignano, Urbania, Urbino

Giulio Calegari, Artist, and Palethnologist, Milano

Griselda Goldsbrough, Arts Development Manager for the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Roberto Gobesso, ISIA, Urbino

Mariella Roberti, Psyco-pedagogist

Martin Worthington, University of Cambridge, Lecturer



The winners of the Prize will be announced on the web site, by 30 November, 2020.


First, second and third prizes will be attributed. At each level (first, second and third) there is one prize for a student from Italian institutions, and one prize for a student from British institutions 

For students from British institutions, the first prize consists of one week’s board and lodging in a Hall of Residence of the University of Urbino, Italy, in spring or summer 2021.

For students from Italian institutions the first prize consists of one week’s board and lodging in York, UK, (or in Urbino, if they so prefer) in spring or summer 2021.

During the prize giving event a contribution towards the journey will be attributed. 

The second prizes consist of € 300 each, offered by the Urbino local authority.

The third prizes consist of art books offered by the Urbania local authority.


The Mark Bailey special prize, equivalent to a first prize, is reserved for students enrolled in a York institution.


The Ambito Territoriale Sociale IV of the Marche Region, equivalent to a first prize, is reserved for students enrolled in an Urbino institution.


For entrants as a group, the prize remains the same.


The prize giving event will take place on Thursday 3 December 2020, at 10:00 a.m. at the Sala Convegni of the Ducal Palace, Urbino, Italy. During the prize giving event all the submitted works will be shown in digital form.

Should it be impossible, for external circumstances, to hold the prize giving event in a public place, an on line prize giving event will be organized, details to be published on the web site.


All submitted works will be shown in an exhibition dedicated to the Prize which will be held in York St John University, UK, in spring 2021, dates to be announced on the web site.






Each candidate authorizes the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington, and also its legal representative, to deal with the received personal data according to Italian law 675/96 (Legge sulla Privacy) and later alterations D. Lgs. 196/2003 (Codice Privacy), for the purpose, among others, of inserting the data in data banks run by the Associazione.


Each participant grants the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington-ODV free rights to reproduce the works and the concepts submitted to the Prize, for the sole purpose of possible inclusion in the web site of the Prize, and of other forms of communication, promotion and activities of the Associazione.


Those who do not want their work to appear on the web site of the Prize must declare it in writing when they enroll in the Prize.

In addition each candidate authorizes the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington-ODV and its legal representatives to require confirmation that the candidate is enrolled in the tertiary education institution indicated by the candidate at the moment of enrollment in the Prize.


The decision of the organizers of the Prize on whatever is not specified in this document is final.
The organization retains the right to alter this document if it considers it necessary.


For the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington-ODV

Giuliana Parodi


York, 16 May 2020