Despite the exeptional circumstances generated by Covid 19, students from Licei Artistici have enthusiastically participated in the Prize on the theme DISABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT; 59 works have been submitted, from nine Licei Artistici from six Italian regions. 

Because of the exceptional circumstances, and thanks to the great generosity of a dear friend, the prizes, as usual awarded on the same level, have been of €300 each.

The prize giving event has taken place on June 19th, from 4:30 pm, on line, managed and presented by Pier Paolo Ceccarini, of Terminus, in the GoToMeeting platform.

About fifty people have taken part, including students, staff, friends and membes of the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington-ODV. 

Prizes have been awarded to:

Michela Cicciomessere, DISABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Liceo Artistico Perugini, Foggia

Classe 4A, WALDEN, Liceo Artistico Nolfi Apolloni, Fano

Cristian Ferraru e Joao Guarnieri, UNDER WATER , Liceo Artistico Metello, Terni

Federico Imola, DISABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Liceo Artistico Volta Fellini, Riccione

Federico Marinelli, UP AND DOWN, Liceo Artistico Mannucci, Ancona

Giorgia Perrucci, THE THIRST OF THE EARTH, Liceo Artistico Misticoni-Bellisario, Pescara

Davide Scuto, MANDALA FOR EVERBODY, IIS-Liceo Artistico Giovagnoli, Sansepolcro

Marco Telesca, THE SILENT WOMAN, Liceo Artistico Mengaroni, Pesaro

Marzia Zazzeroni, DISABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Liceo Artistico Scuola del Libro, Urbino


The PRIZE FROM THE PUBLIC, organized in fb by Valerio Ceccarini, has been attributed to Matteo Asci, Liceo Artistico Mannucci, Ancona, with the work: THE EARTH IS SUFFERING. It is the second year running that Matteo Asci is winning a prize.