Open to Secondary Schools

In cooperation with the Liceo Artistico “Scuola del Libro”, Urbino

with the sponsorship of the Urbino local authority

and the support of the York Human Rights City Network, and of various institutions.


RULES OF THE PRIZE, 2018, tenth year









1. THE PRIZE competition begun in 2009, in memory of Eleanor Worthington, a disabled young woman who from 1998 to 2003 attended the Institute of Art (now  Liceo Artistico “Scuola del Libro”) in Urbino, where she was offered a major opportunity of self-expression.

Her family, friends and school have wanted to transform Eleanor’s individual story into a collective experience, for the purpose of raising awareness, especially among young people,  of problems and potentialities regarding disability. The aim is to lower barriers, which society must be willing to do, so that disabled people can live better. The Prize has been set up in cooperation with the Liceo Artistico “Scuola del Libro” di Urbino, and with the Urbino local authority.



2. The THEME is “DISABILITY AND INCLUSION.FEAR AND TRUST”. Disabilities can exclude people from society. They can cut people off from other people or from the world. Any kind of contact, face to face or through social media, can become a source of fear. Alternatively, it can be the beginning of new and gratifying experiences. For this to happen there must be trust that one will not be rejected.


3. INTENTION to enter the competition has to be communicated by 31 December 2017 to: It is suggested that students enrolled in the last two years of their school take part in the competition.


4. SUBMISSION. The works submitted can be of any art discipline taught in the schools, and must be original. If inspired by preexisting works, the link should be clearly mentioned in a written statement.


All works must be submitted in digital form by Friday 6 of April 2018, by  WETRANSFER; files must be compressed, i.e.  .rar or .zip

Each piece of work must have a title, which may if desired be that of the theme of the Prize. Each piece of work if desired may be accompanied by a concept, brief description of the main idea of the work, not longer than 400 characters spaces included, in doc, not in PDF or JPG.

Each piece of work must be accompanied by the information required in the Appendix, in .doc, and presented as indicated. Each piece of work must contain at least one  picture of the work, in .JPG or in .TIFF (non .PDF), at high resolution for printing (300 DPI), for the purpose of possible use at the prize giving event.

Animations and  films must last no more than 3 minutes, and must be in quick time, compression H264.

Two versions are needed for each piece of work, films included, one with the indication of the school and the name/s of the author/s (for the exhibition, and for the web site), another anonymous for the judges. Please be careful with copy right with regard to any accompanying pieces of music.


Works must be submitted by the school in which competitors are enrolled. Works submitted by the individual participant will not be accepted.

It is optional whether candidates should deliver their original pieces of work. Candidates who want to submit them in original form as well, must send them so that they arrive in Urbino by Thursday 26 April 2018, to the following address: Liceo Artistico “Scuola del Libro”, Premio Eleanor Worthington, Villa Maria, via Bonconte da Montefeltro 1, 61029 URBINO, (PU), Italy..

Original works must be mounted as follows:

- poster and  story board: 100x70 cm.

- other works on paper, preferably in A3 format, on black card  50x70 cm., or multiples of these dimensions.

Book covers and three-dimensional pieces of work must be submitted in a form ready to be directly shown in the Exhibition.

Students who wish to  a preliminary project of their work, may send it in digital form to by 15 November 2017. All these preliminary projects will be  assembled either in power point or in a video, to be shown at York Explorer in the event for 3 December 2017; also, this power point  or video will be sent to individual schools taking part in the Prize, perhaps to be shown in their school assembly.

Only the final works submitted in digital form by April 6, 2018 will enter the Prize competition and will be evaluated by the judges.



5. EVALUATION. Evaluation of the works will be carried out by a panel of  judges,  on the basis of five  criteria:


Relevance to the theme

Communicative effectiveness


Specific competence

Overall impression.


All submitted works are evaluated anonymously.


A special prize is attributed to the piece of work which receives the highest approval rating from the viewers, both visitors to the Exhibition and on Facebook.

For this purpose, after the judges have expressed their evaluations, the submitted works will be posted in Facebook with the names of the authors, and the viewers will be invited to choose the one they consider the best, by 3 May  2018.



6. PRIZES are of € 200 for each winning entry whether for group or individual entries.

The winners of the prize will be announced on the web site after the prize giving event.





All works submitted will be shown  in the Exhibition curated by Nunzia Invernizzi, Artistic Director of the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington.

The Exhibition will take place in Urbino, on the first floor of Collegio Raffaello, piazza della Repubblica;

it will be open to the public from  Wednesday  2 to Friday 4 May 2018, from 9 a.m.until 1 p.m.; students of various schools in Urbino will be especially invited to visit it.

All submitted works will be also shown in a secpnd exhibition, to be held at York St. John University in 2018, dates to be decided.


8. PRIZE GIVING EVENT. The prize giving will be part of an event on the theme of disability. Competitors will receive, if they request it, a statement of their participation.

The event, open to the public, will take place in Collegio Raffaello, Urbino, on Friday 4 May 2018, at 10:00 a.m., with representatives of the Urbino local authority, of the schools taking part in the Prize, and of Associations of disabled people, who will take part in a discussion on the theme of the Prize. The Exhibition of all submitted works is also part of the event.

In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Prize, all submitted works will be exhibited in digital form during the celebration of the 3 December 2018 international Day of Persons with Disabilities.




All the works submitted in previous years are found on the web site, together with documentation on the activities of the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington.


                                                     For the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington

                                                                            Giuliana Parodi



Urbino, 10 July  2017

For information please e-mail



APPENDIX Using the format indicated, please supply the information requested below. Use Arial Narrow 14 all in block capitals for the name of the author(s); Arial narrow 14 for the title of the piece of work, and the name of the school; Arial narrow 12 for  concept  and  technique. The various headings should be deleted and replaced with the personal  details requested.

Please follow these directions, as they are important for setting up the Exhibition.




Title of the Piece of Work



Concept (optional): a brief description of the main concept expressed by the piece of work, not exceeding 400 characters, spaces included, in doc. This limit is necessary for the web site presentation