The second year of the prize was accompanied by the distribution of a book in memory of Eleanor.  The book sprang from the wish to spread abroad the experiences formed in the great network of affection, creativity and friendship which grew around Eleanor in the last five years of her life.  The book was written by 35 people who knew her in different stages of her life, in Genoa, York, Earby, Urbino, in the family, among friends (both English and Italian), in primary, middle and high school, in the associations of disabled people, and in the medical and rehabilitative centres which looked after her.  The book contains prose, poetry, photographs, drawings, and portraits of Eleanor; it is organised with an unusual graphic scheme, which enhances the book’s own bilingualism, and uses the two covers which emerged as joint winners in the competition; it is enriched by colour images, which include watercolour exercises by Nunzia Invernizzi, who performed them in the long creative and educational journey which she undertook with Eleanor.